Iris Santiago


Iris Santiago, OTR/L, PHR

Chief Operations Officer (COO)
The Chief Operations Officer oversees all corporate operations and functions as second in command who reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
I am a Licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Professional Human Resources. Graduated in the year 2000 with my Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from one of the universities in the Philippines. Worked as a therapist for 7 years providing therapeutic care to young and older clients. I worked as an HR Professional for 13+ years now which started as the HR Director in 2007, I wore many different hats then. I performed, not only administrative duties as the HR Director but also provided care to clients on numerous occasions.

I then became the Director of Quality Control in 2014. My role includes, conducting audits and assessments and then, formulate corrective plans to improve the processes. In 2016, I was promoted as the Agency Manager supervising the administrative departments of the company, which included departments such as Billing, HR, Payroll, Staffing and Scheduling. The year after, I was promoted to the Administrator of a home care agency. In late 2019 and to this day, I received the promotion to be the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the company.
It always brings a smile to my heart whenever I hear that a client we cared for is grateful for the impact we made in his or her life. It is not the compliment itself but the thought that we as a company made a difference in somebody’s life is indeed, very rewarding. My role is more than a job. For me, it is a calling. I aspire to extend this program to those who are a care provider, may it be by professional or personal choice, to share with them the knowledge to be able to provide care to a client or a loved one effectively and with a heart.
I am blessed to have many career advancements and to continue to fulfill many duties and successes but what I am truly grateful for are all the experiences that shaped who I am today, personally and professionally. I have received much academic recognition during my educational years but the time that I was happiest was when I passed my licensure exam as an Occupational Therapist for I know I can make a difference by improving my client’s condition. Every day is an achievement, for every day is a chance to care for our clients.
I am a learner and a doer. I learn by doing and by doing I better myself. I am keen on processes on how to attain my objective, so I am usually quiet for I am thinking and strategizing.
Do unto others what you want others to do unto you”. This is the golden rule and my main rule
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