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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, after reading course book, you can take the exam before the webinar. We encourage those to set aside enough time to take the quiz before the webinar. If you do not have enough time to complete the quiz before the webinar, please wait until after you complete the webinar.
After passing the written exam by 75%, you will receive it automatically. If you do not receive it, please check your junk or spam folder before sending a message.
Yes, you can try taking the course an unlimited number of times. We encourage those who are unable to pass the exam on the first try to wait until after the webinar to try again.
Yes! We highly recommend everyone to take any course we have available to advance your caregiver skills.
No. You will become a Certified Caregiver once you have completed the required course for your state.
Each state has required courses that would be listed once the state you’re registering for is selected.

After signing your Professional Development Form, it will automatically be sent to your email or you may download a copy from your dashboard.  Remember, you must sign the Professional Development Form to gain access certificate.

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